Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mapping the travel mind: A study by Conrad advertising

As published in a Press Release in Conrad Advertising's website:

Whilst conventional industry research tells us in general terms what media is used by travel consumers, Conrad Advertising recognised that travel marketers and advertisers need a more sophisticated understanding of the role played by different media at each stage in the consumer’s holiday planning and buying process. Which media is used and when, and which media and content influences a consumer’s choice?

When we can answer this question, we begin to understand how best to integrate conventional digital and social media into successful travel advertising strategies.

Conrad Advertising worked with YouGov and TNS Research to interview 1,340 respondents. 1,040 completed an online questionnaire and 300 were interviewed in person. The sample was designed to be representative of the general population’s age, gender and social profile and all respondents had taken an overseas holiday of at least five days in the previous twelve months.

The research produced a number of key insights including:
It challenged conventional thinking into the link between age and internet usage when planning a holiday, demonstrating that older consumers are neither more nor less likely than other age groups to use the internet. The extent of their online usage is reliant on other, social factors, an insight that has important implications for marketers targeting the ever-growing grey market.
TV, Newspapers and the Travel sections of Media websites continue to be the most used media sources of holiday ideas and inspiration, with Travel review websites and Travel company’s own websites also considered as highly trusted sources of holiday recommendations. Even so, despite the popularity of review websites, only 8% of respondents voluntarily write reviews after each holiday!
The internet was recognised as playing a key part in the planning and buying process with 70% of respondents preferring to book their holiday online. Interestingly, for a majority of Travel consumers, online search and research is used mainly for price comparison rather than convenience. With travel company websites the most mentioned source of holiday packages and offers, the role of advertising is now surely to drive targeted traffic to company websites. Response management then ensures that campaigns are optimised to maximise results.
Although Social Media is a great topic of debate amongst marketers and advertisers, it is not considered the best source of inspiration and recommendation by travel consumers, who are more likely to turn to company websites or travel review sites for ideas.

Commented Nick Henley, Media and Planning Director of Conrad Advertising: “This research is highly relevant to travel marketers and advertisers as it demonstrates the different roles played by each media type at the various stages of the travel planning and buying process. It has long been recognised that media selection and creative strategy must vary according to the consumer’s position on the path to purchase – this research provides new insight to optimise planning accordingly”.

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